February First

Happy February First!

Hopefully this month will be a little less stressful.

Marie and her family are settling into their new apartment in Chisinau, and Sarah is heading to Odessa on Saturday and back to California on Sunday.

This month we are hoping to have a bit more fun in challenging each other. (we don’t know how exactly, but we’re putting our thinking caps on!)

And just to note, we actually had a conversation last night about what we would do if we happened to take the same or similar picture. We thought that would actually be kind of fun, but then today…we took the same picture. (Different objects, same subject. If that makes sense?)

“Because it’s never to early to start your Christmas matroyshka doll collection!”

{taken @ 9:00pm CET}

“I couldn’t buy them all unfortunately, but I am bringing these ones home!”

{taken @ 10:00am CET}

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