February Fourth

Well today finally came…the day neither of us wanted to come. Somehow we thought it wouldn’t come as long as we didn’t think about it. But the truth is that Sarah is somewhere close to Odessa, Ukraine and will fly out early tomorrow morning (CET) and Marie is in Chișinau, Moldova furiously cleaning the house as a coping mechanism. It was a pretty rough goodbye and filled with rivers of tears yet we know we are both where we are supposed to be. Perhaps you could say the “real” blog begins because now we are doing what we created this blog to do – – each take a picture while living in different countries and then put them together, somehow bringing us just a little closer. Our pictures may seem a little melancholy at first, but bear with us…we will get better at this! And hope with us that December might see us in the same country to end this blog!

“Because every princess needs her tiara even when taking a walk in the snow!” {taken at 10:00am CET}

“One last walk. One last sister moment.”♥ {taken at 10:00am CET}

2 thoughts on “February Fourth

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