May Thirteenth

Happy Mother’s Day to our amazing Mama! It was kind of a crazy day. Sarah celebrated Mother’s Day last week in NorCal. Today our Mom traveled from California to Moldova and although it didn’t go quite as “planned” (they managed to layover in Istanbul quite to their shock!) they are in Moldova safe and sound. They brought four tubs of amazing goodies from family although their two “carry-on” bags were left in Turkey thanks to Lufthansa . Praying that their clean clothing shows up tomorrow!

“Finally being reunited with her grammie at 10pm at night!”

{taken at 10:30pm EET}

“Tree faces…”

{taken @ 7:30pm PST}

3 thoughts on “May Thirteenth

  1. marie, so happy for you guys to have family…sarah, it was fun to see you on skype last night and i like the tree – he’s been my friend ever since i can remember =)

    • Lindsey – Every time I take a picture at your {family’s} house for my daily post I think about you! Both the grey ghost and the tree are a little vague and I was wondering if you’d recognize this one :) It was fun skyping with you yesterday too!

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