June Tenth

Sarah spent the weekend up north and drove back down south wayyyyyyyy too late. Supposedly she uploaded her picture while on the road and I was supposed to post it.

But I don’t see it.

Something tells me it got lost in transit and now I have to wait for Sarah to wake up to re-upload it.

I know all five of you are sitting on pins and needles to see what we posted today so I am going to make up a post for Sarah. She can add her real picture when she wakes up tomorrow.

I’m sure she won’t mind!

♥ Marie

“Put this one to bed around 7pm as a grumpy, snotty baby. I thought it was going to be a rough night but instead we didn’t hear from her until 8am. Miracles still happen.”

{taken at 8:05am EET}

So what did Sarah do?

She made this drive:

Received this gift:

And she may or may not have taken this fella. Just saying.

Well, I know for a fact that I uploaded a picture…the mystery is why it wasn’t uploaded to our daily post? Either way, it was fun to wake up to the above from Marie.

I love her 

“I bet you didn’t know my brother Andrew was so amazing at making sushi. I can be a sushi snob, and I was pretty impressed.”

{taken @ 3:3opm PST}

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