June Eleventh

“She picked her own outfit out, packed her own backpack…and then calmly walked into her classroom after a kiss and a smile. I think I felt like crying more than she did.”

{taken at 8:00am EET}

“I went and picked up my baby girl tonight. She has so much fun when she gets to spend a weekend with her puppy friends! This is her stake out with her bestie {named Bandit} she would love nothing more than to eat the kitty on the other side of the fence.”

{taken @ 7:30pm PST}

p.s. – Yes, yesterday’s posthas been updated with my picture! Thanks sister ❤

2 thoughts on “June Eleventh

  1. Sarah, you’re making homesick, but I still enjoy seeing all the pics. I love that Chops rules the roost around there; well at least we let him think that he does.

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