August Second

“Dear hot water, I am very, very, very sorry I ever took you for granted. Please come back on. I am really starting to miss you. And it is really becoming an ordeal also. Sincerely, Marie.”

{taken at 7:45am EET}

“This gem has been purchased by a group of New Zealanders and is headed for Boneville!”

{taken @ 8:00pm PST}

2 thoughts on “August Second

  1. Ah the precious Motey – she’ll be missed – many, many, many good camping memories in that baby, but I’m so glad she’s finally leaving our property ! Bon Voyage dear Motey !

    • Did your mom tell you about the guys that bought it? She couldn’t have been sold to a more fun group on a cooler adventure!! Also, your mama was such a ‘mama hostess’ to them, they pretty much struck gold and made friends for life :)

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