September Thirteenth


“First Emily’s now Molly’s.”

{taken @ 8:00pm PST}

“Missing: loving, smiling, easy-going baby. Found: molar-cutting, grumpy, attitude-filled fifteen month old. Do you like that pouty lip? That was her response to being told she had to eat the rice and peas not just the carrots. This kid makes me giggle every day.”

Mental note: I obviously have a thing for gender-neutral baby stuff. But seriously, she’s a girl. The earrings are a dead give away, right?!

{taken at 6:20pm EET}

One thought on “September Thirteenth

  1. It’s not necessarily gender neutral:) I learned that when I had Evan. Stuff I thought was super neutral I thought was waaaay too girlie once I had him… that I’m thinking this new baby might be a boy, all the things I thought were boy-safe are too girlie too! I used lime and turquoise with Sydney, thinking it was girlie, you’d be amazed how many people asked if she was a boy! I dressed Evan in black and grey and STILL they would comment on “all my girls”! Once, I had baby Madison dressed in pink, a bow in her hair and a pink blanket on her. A (older) man came up and asked, “girl or boy?” I asked if he was kidding and he replied, “you never know these days.” REALLY?!

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