October First

Soooo…yesterday was an eventful day.

October 1st is a big day for us, it means Christmas music!

In the midst of blasting holiday tunes and uploading pictures, one of us had a electronic problem and the other forgot to say “hey, where’s your picture!”.

I’m sure you’ll forgive us though.

Also, side note…our mama is in Moldova right now with all of her  grandkids {she might have smuggled a few into the country} so Marie has her hands full with four kids and Sarah is being ignored. Ok, maybe not completely ignored. But definitely left out of all the fun!

Here’s yesterday’s pictures…


“Yep, I went out and got a whole binder for all my thoughts…and his too! Going through this gets addicting and makes for some late nights of planning!”

{taken @ 11:30pm PST}

“Today I realized the leaves are turning yellow!”

{taken @ 2:30pm EET}

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