October Seventh

“I knew Addy, Emma and Spencer would be happily reunited within no time. Mercy, however, was only seven months old when we moved. Now she is almost sixteen months old and it has been really sweet to watch her bond so quickly with Spencer. He is very gentle and kind with her and she thinks he’s up there with ice cream and sprinkles.”

{taken at 4:15pm EET}

“Sooooooooo…I might not be part of the family yet, but I’m pretty sure I just jacked my future sister-in-law’s christmas robe! If I love anything more than Christmas, it’s gaining new sisters!”

{taken @ 7:00pm PST}

Have I mentioned 4 out of my 6 sisters have blogs?





{Casey and Dora should probably get on cool train and get blogs too!}

One thought on “October Seventh

  1. Yes ! The reindeer robe that works all year long – ha ! So cozy. Love this post – thanks for the blog shout-out, Sarah. I’m praying for you and Tanner. Love you.

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