October Twenty-First…Twenty-Second? Sure.


…we know what the date is.

We never fail. We’re never late. We never forget to post our daily picture. We never backdate our posts.

We’re the epitome of perfection…and humility.


“Operation three kids to gradiniță on time is ready for the morning!”

{taken at 7:45pm EET}

“My house hasn’t been cleaned in days…dishes have piled up, the trash is overflowing and I think I missed trash day. I shouldn’t even mention the laundry and how I have piles in every ‘phase’. You know? Some still dirty, some washed/wet, some dry, some on the line, some clean on the bed, a few put away…that phase. I should stay up and do the dishes, dust, sweep, probably mop…but I think instead I am going to quit life for the next 6 hours and go to bed.” 

{taken @ 8:00pm PST}

“When you lay down at night, make sure you give whatever is on your mind to God. Why would you want to stay up and worry about it when He can and you can sleep?” – Sunday 10/21/12

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