October Thirty-First

Happy Halloween-Harvest-Reformation Day-However The Heck You Roll-Day

Personally we think dressing kids up in costume should be a more regular occurrence.

Either way, happy last day of October!

AND happy 53 days until Sarah and Marie are reunited.

{Because we know all five of our readers are counting down with us.}

Can you believe 270 days have already passed since we last saw each other?

Meet the glow-in-the-dark skeleton that wanted to be a princess and the pirate princess that planned her entire costume on her own. We went to the mall that advertised ‘Halloween activities’ but since no one really knew what that was, our girls were quite the hit!”

{taken at 4:30pm EET}

P.S. Someone please enlighten me as to how I have a 16 month old that was offended when her sister donned a princess dress and she did not? Really kid, you are borderline too opinionated here!

“It’s called the Tetra Wall…but it’s really just my over-glorified storage space! No seriously, it is!”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}

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