November Sixth

Happy Election Day 2012!

This is the first time I {Sarah} will be voting in person on Election Day!

I’ve always opted for the absentee ballot, but after a few misfortunate events where my mail {and ballot for the primary election} disappeared, I decided I might as well vote in person.

Plus…I get a sticker!

I think…

“This is Berg. She and I live in our little house together. We fondly call it ‘The Nursing Home’. Berg just got back after being gone a month…I haven’t decided if I missed the sound of her toothbrush!”

{taken @ 4:30am PST}

*yes, 4:30am…my new hours get me up bright and early and I actually like them*

I am thankful for the ability to give thanks and the simplicity of a child’s thankfulness. This is our little Thanksgiving Tree we are covering with thanks every day!”

{taken at 7:35am EET}

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