November Twenty-Seventh

“Real men assemble pink kitchens. At 11pm, that is.”

{taken at 11:00pm EET}

“Just to give you a little glimpse of the way my mind works…it always ends with me looking like a nut and wondering how I got so nutty. A) showed up in sandals. B) got cold so I swapped my sandals out for the fiancé’s socks. C) went outside so I had to put sandals on with my socks. D) ended up driving a manual home and realized I the clutch kept slipping on my sandal. E) removed left sandal. F) my sock was obviously slipping too. G) removed left sock. H) walked in the door like this and realized how crazy I look.”

{taken @ 8:45pm PST}

2 thoughts on “November Twenty-Seventh

  1. Marie, I’m sure Tonio will be doing the same thing one day – haha ! Sarah, welcome to a family of crazies =) – you’re in good company. Love you future sister-in-law.

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