where have we been?


life got busy and our plan for 2013 was just a little too complicated.

there was marriage. there was moving. whew.

last night we decided it was time to resurrect a sea apart. mostly for us.

but feel free to enjoy!

rules? one picture every day, hopefully posted by midnight california time but this time taken on our iphone to keep life as simple as possible.

well, here goes!


1/365: marie {colfax, california}

“for me, 2012 was a slow year, but 2013 was strangely fast. the new year included sarah visiting followed by a trip to california for her wedding. then it was back in chisinau for a blurry summer and fall. we had visitors (thank you, mom!) and lots of church activities. the highlight of course has been spending the holidays with family and friends.

i am not exactly sure what 2014 is going to bring, but it is going to bring a lot of changes. in the spring, our family is moving to bucharest, romania. we will be working with a new ministry and are very excited about the unknowns that are going to be unfolding.”


1/365: sarah {colfax, california}

“For me 2013 was a furious rush, full of high highs and low lows. The highs were ringing in the New Year Moldovan style, which quickly turned into the wedding rush, moving into a new house, a change in jobs after 4+ years, then preparing for another visit from the Moldovans, and a month+ visit up north. It’s been full of family, friends, and change. It’s going to be a challenging year, but probably the best one yet!”

One thought on “{1:365}

  1. YAY !!! I’m So happy to see this show up in my blog reader again. I LOVE following you sisters. Know, you have at least one faithful reader =)

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