20140203-203100.jpg34/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“it is days like this that i find myself staring, wondering, trying to grasp. last year, i realized that i couldn’t even keep a plant alive. so every time one died, i replaced it with a succulent instead. so far, i have kept all my succulents alive. i forget sometimes that life really is just as fragile as a plant. maybe more. today i’m saying goodbye to one of my childhood friends. she was two years younger than me and is leaving her husband and beautiful baby boy behind. she fought a good fight…cancer and then a lung infection. yet in the end, i find myself staring at this succulent realizing that one of my kids could drop it and it would be dead in less than thirty seconds. and once again i am reminded that life is precious and we live and breath only because Jesus holds us in the palm of His hand.”

in memory of holly lutterman {1983-2014}

acts 17:28a
for in Him we live and move and have our being.

20140203-214442.jpg34/365: sarah {weimar, ca}

“Sometimes life doesn’t meet you expectations…I never would have thought I’d be 25 and living back with my parents {temporarily} while trying to buy a house, I never thought I’d be remodeling my parents bathroom for them, and I never thought I could be so confused and my heart could hurt so much for the loss of a friend…You are loved Holly.”

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