20140216-222315.jpg47/375: sarah {beverly hills, ca}
“High tea, champagne and lots of other goodies at The Peninsula celebrating Sam and baby Callahan!”

20140217-063234.jpg47/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“if i could have only one dish in my entire kitchen, i would have a mug. if i could have only two dishes in my entire kitchen, i’d have two mugs. if i could have only three dishes…you get the point. truth be told, i am very mug-picky. certain mugs are only for coffee. other mugs are only for tea. and yes there are mugs that are good for nothing. the size of the handle, the shape of the mug…these are all details that make or break my mug relationship. lastly, my mug must be absolutely adorable. i also have a weird relationship with my fork and spoon but i digress.”

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