20140422-100446.jpg111/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“Well…we’re making some progress. And technically that’s a fridge!”

20140422-100438.jpg111/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“you have a child. you get through the toddler years and you think to yourself ‘i’ve got this parenting thing down.’ then you have a second kid and hit the toddler years. and you stand there. you scratch your head. you sprout gray hairs. and you realize that your two daughters with such similar physical appearances and genetic make-up are opposites. in every way. and it’s good. cause who wants two of the same kid anyway? so you throw everything you know out the window and you just go with it. you stop comparing her or contrasting her to her older sister. you see her through her own sunglasses. and let me tell you, it’s a heck of a lot more fun.”

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