IMG_6595.JPG280/365: sarah {weimar, california}
“This isn’t how I planned spending my afternoon, but nothing ever goes the way it’s planned right? Apparently someone was reported throwing burning paper out of their car, consequently we now have 4-5 fires and the freeway is closed. As of right now, mom and dad’s important belongings are packed and ready to roll in their remaining car if we’re told to evacuate. Our boat (being stored at a friends in the evacuated area) is most likely a goner. Andrew and I both tried to sneak back there to save it but they have it all locked down because this is one angry fire.”

IMG_6598.JPG280/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“this one still {kinda} lets me dress her still but she is starting to get more opinionated. she is pushing the three and a half mark. sigh. i gave up on the older one a while ago, ha!”

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