what 2015 is gonna bring…

they are sisters that like to create.

they like whimsy and vintage, retro and classic.

they can never own too much fabric, yarn or felt.

they also like to take photos.


this is marie.
she is married to christian and has six year old addy and three year old mercy.



this is sarah.
she is married to tanner and currently growing girl cousin #1 arriving this spring!



here’s the “short” background story of this blog.

raised in northern california…in 2005, marie moved to southern california. three years later, sarah did too. once “just” sisters, they quickly became best friends, even living together as adults.

two thousand and twelve was a new, rough and weird year. marie and her family moved overseas to eastern europe while sarah stayed in southern california. they went from being roommates to living a sea apart. it was definitely challenging at times but they made it because they decided to do something special. they each took a picture every single day and shared them with each other.

in two thousand and thirteen they were pretty quiet. overseas life was challenging at times and sarah was meeting a man and marrying him. the benefits of it all were that the sisters saw each other twice in the same year.

they missed the stress of posting a daily picture so in two thousand and fourteen they started again. pretty soon they realized that daily posting a picture is just something they needed to do. for the rest of their lives. maybe.

so here they are in two thousand and fifteen, ready for a brand new year. this time, just a little twist. this blog has a new focus. simply, life. you see, these sisters…they believe life is fun. they believe life is hard. they believe life has pain, fear, joy, love, sadness, hope and more. but most of all, even with pain and laughter, anger, joy and years…they believe life is beautiful and they want to document it, one day at a time.

it’s gonna be epic, once again.


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