{week one}

we are still here – – just working out all the glitches!

so here are a few details. we are going to post weekly, aka fifty-two times. each week we are going to post a picture with our six favorite pictures from the week {and the links}. they are going to reflect life…but the beauty in it {no matter what that looks like}.

oh and they will be going up daily to our flickr, found here.

so…drum roll please…week one!

2015/01/img_1618.jpg1. happy new year 2. live in color
3. a little girl 4. who needs sleep?
5. yogurt and a tiger 6. yep

IMG_52411. my thoughts 2. well-dressed
3. metro 4. presents
5. my second mama 6. weekend away


20140131-232916.jpg31/365: sarah {auburn, ca}
“It was a beautiful Friday!”

20140201-093516.jpg31:365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“something amazing and beautiful happened today. the sun came up for the first time since we got back from furlough. it took our breath away.”


20140129-221516.jpg29/365: sarah {weimar, ca}
“Obviously I felt it necessary to bring up both my sewing and crochet tub in the very limited space we had in the first load moved up north. Essentials I tell you.”

20140130-085757.jpg29/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“so…i may have started my “it’s a small world” calendar over. really i just love the pictures and i didn’t get a 2014 one so 2013 will do. years are relative, right?!”


20140127-212954.jpg27/365: sarah {old agoura, california}
“This is literally the only dish that was not already packed…so he had a fancy pie dish breakfast.”

20140128-073627.jpg27/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“ugh. snowed in and fighting a bug around here, so i made a garlic infusion in the form of “creamy” pumpkin+carrot soup {with lots of quinoa for protein of course!}. the girls ate bowlfuls with kefir stirred in. don’t smell us just yet.”