20140125-211643.jpg25/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“some days you spend a fun evening at the mall staying warm and then your crazy mother lets you slide on the ice outside your apartment. in five degree {fahrenheit} weather. and she takes pictures of it.”

20140125-220323.jpg25/365: sarah {old agoura, ca}
“We celebrated Christmas {fiiiinally} and then tore the house apart {liiiiiterally}…send help.”


20140125-074257.jpg24:365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“the high today bordered between 19 and 20…but this kid enjoyed her walk home from school in every way possible. no wonder we need to become as a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. there is so much more joy involved!”

20140124-220641.jpg24:365: sarah {old agoura, california}
“My house is a mess, thanksgiving pumpkins are still out, christmas tree still up, trying to celebrate christmas with the husband {still hasn’t happened}, packing, organizing, purging, etc.”


20140124-044532.jpg23/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“i’m not gonna lie…today was rough. we started the morning with an earthquake {which i hate} and ended the day with mercy adoniyah choking in the bath. it is days like today that i have to remind myself that i know who holds the future and then lay next to my girls a little bit longer than normal at bedtime. glad to call it a day and hoping tomorrow is less ‘exciting’ that’s for sure!”

20140123-221201.jpg23/365: sarah {old agoura, ca}
“I’m going to miss my little house…but I’m looking forward to something just a liiiiiittle bigger than 385 square feet!”


20140121-031425.jpg20/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}

“our {mild} winter might be over. i’ve never see the rain freeze on the tree like this. pretty cool and kind of narnia-like.”


20/365: sarah {somewhere on the grapevine, ca}

“a southern californian sunset”


20140119-230707.jpg19/365: marie {chisinau, moldova} “yesterday evening i was feeling a little sad…homesick, or maybe home-confused. then i went upstairs where my girls were and they weren’t in my bedroom…until they leaped out of my bed where they were hiding from me (under my duvet). and they were just roaring in laughter and i found myself start chuckling. and i realized that in the Lord’s kindness, he gave me these two peanuts before moving overseas for a reason: they are my joy and sunshine.”


19/365: sarah {weimar, ca}

“This is me….forgetting to take a single picture today. Fail?”


20140118-203442.jpg18/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“home. such a simple word yet so confusing at the same time.”

20140118-180241.jpg18/365: sarah {weimar, ca}

“Today was one of those days where I just needed to clean all day and then take a long soak with some uh-mazing Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub made my by sister-in-law Cacey…all of her homemade gifts are pretty wonderful!”


20140117-195030.jpg17/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“wow what a crazy few days of jet lag, apartment hunting and of course a celebratory coffee (because apartment hunting is hard work)! tomorrow we head HOME and the girls are just a little excited.”

20140117-234246.jpg17/365: sarah {colfax, ca}

“Watson is like his mommy…he likes to turn his face towards the sun!”