20140519-211530-76530641.jpg138/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“This accidental picture is the only picture that I took today!”

20140519-211531-76531151.jpg138/365: marie {that area that is not considered moldova but isn’t romania either}
“ahhh border crossing. thanks for being decent to us this time!”


fun flash back to two years ago today: https://aseaapart.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/may-sixteenth/

20140517-220012.jpg136/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“sometimes accidental pictures end up being my favorite. especially when the sky looks like this after a loooooong winter!”

20140517-220058.jpg136/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“I’m 4 noooo 3 nooooo 2!”

happy birthday, mama. you really are the best mother a girl could hope for!

we love you.


20140515-222101.jpg135/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“she’s a trooper.”

20140515-222215.jpg135/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“Spent the day at the fountains walking through all the well air conditioned stores!”


20140209-153442.jpg40/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“today my heart is sad and excited all at the same time. i found myself laughing, smiling and choking back the tears this morning at church. moldova, you have been a good home to my family for the past two years. you have taught me a lot about myself and made me a stronger woman. i’m gonna miss a lot of people that call you home.”

20140209-211002.jpg40/365: sarah {weimar, ca}
“Migraine in bed, but thankful for being able to stream Skyline live.”


20140206-213505.jpg37/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“she told me to cover her pacifier with her scarf. then she laughed. she thinks she’s pretty funny.”

20140206-204741.jpg37/365: sarah {auburn, ca}
“Mini-date night sushi dinner with a handsome guy…”


20140206-071327.jpg36/365: marie {chisinau, moldova}
“since finding and bringing many, many liters of almond milk back from romania, my morning coffee is one of my favorite parts of my day again. sometimes i shake the almond milk up and pretend i am having an almond milk latte with my sister!”

20140205-212716.jpg36/365: sarah {weimar, ca}
“I had to scrape my windshield with a credit card this morning….freezing people.”