IMG_9830.JPG331/365: sarah {westlake village, california}
“Dinner and frozen yogurt with some of my favorite people and puppies ever! ZOR not pictured but was sitting to my left being feisty.”

IMG_9821.JPG331/365: marie {bucuresti, romania}
“she’s six. she made me a mama. and she wanted to go to the theater for her birthday.”


IMG_9820.JPG330/365: marie {bucuresti, romania}
“then thanksgiving happened. because our small group wanted to celebrate ‘american thanksgiving’ with us. we pulled off a huge, ‘traditional’ dinner with twenty-two guests. it was amazing. and beautiful. and my heart was warm afterwards.”

IMG_9831.JPG330/365: sarah {agoura, california}
“Thankful for family and babies.”


IMG_9832.JPG329/365: sarah {oak park, california}
“Hanging out with these kewl people!”

IMG_9819.JPG329/365: marie {bucuresti, romania}
“this kid. she helped me bake a pumpkin. she scraped every last inch so i could blend it and make homemade pumpkin puree. then we baked a homemade pumpkin cake which christian absolutely loved.”


IMG_9257.JPG326/365: sarah {newbury park, california}
“I am a penguin.”

IMG_9259.JPG326/365: marie {bucuresti, romania}
“i AM proud of my kids’ academic achievements, promise. but when they both seem to have artistic ability, i can’t help but be a little extra excited. an artist mama’s joy. these are trains fyi.”