IMG_8196.JPG303/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“Trick or treating at the mall (total bust) ended up in my auntie’s neighborhood and struck gold…or as the kids called it ‘the good stuff’!”

IMG_8198.JPG303/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“truth be told, we look like this most days of the year. it’s just a little more acceptable on this particular day. “


looks like we both have christmas on the mind!”

IMG_8090.JPG302/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“Let the Christmas shenanigans commence!!”

IMG_8033.JPG302/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“we were a little sad that grammie and pops left…so we put up the tree. i am not sure if it is more for the girls or for me!”


IMG_8034.JPG300/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“Little treasure hiding in a tub.” ❤️

IMG_8032.JPG301/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“almost lost all my plants on my balcony when it snowed last week! i think i’ve resurrected most of them successfully!”


happy birthday drewgie. you make life more interesting and fun!”

IMG_8013.JPG300/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“the winter reading candle is here.” 💚

IMG_8025.JPG300/365: sarah {weimar, california}
“Golden Birthday….28 on the 28th and 28 years ago it was a Tuesday!”


IMG_8010.JPG299/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“12 cup food processor…inherited from my Romanian missionary!”

IMG_7993.JPG299/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“i am not sure what the Lord was thinking when He gave me a nocturnal child. yes this is my monkey sleeping from 9 to noon after being awake from 2-4a!”


IMG_7923.JPG298/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“her name is buttercup…and she’s here to save the world from owies.”

IMG_7919.JPG298/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“Sunday afternoon yard work and I planted flowers in my hanging baskets!”


IMG_7918.JPG297/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“This chica bonita was jammin to her pandora station (Carlos Santana).”

IMG_7921.JPG297/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“well at least someone in this family is excited about this strange october development!”


IMG_7780.JPG296/365: sarah {auburn, california}
“Most of the commotion was down the street, but we were on full lockdown today at the office because of the shootings.”

IMG_7779.JPG296/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“today i finished cleaning my parent’s room, washed their bedding, packed away their towels and locked their door. and for the first time i felt really sad…it isn’t that i miss them. i do miss them but i will see them in december for christmas. instead, i miss them living with us. it was fun and busy and chaotic and good. so instead of working late like i usually do when the hubs is out, i snuggled up in bed and started my new book…which is really, really good!”


IMG_7778.JPG295/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“tonight i was laying next to this little person and i realized she is the age of her big sister when we moved overseas to europe. i love watching her act and look so much like her big sissy yet with her own unique and different personality. so strange to think that she has lived in europe for almost three years. she really is a third culture kid.”

IMG_7773.JPG295/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“My mama’s home and she brought gifts!”


IMG_7774.JPG294/365: sarah {san francisco, california}
“Spent the evening in the bay with my hubz and then picked up my parents who have been out of the country for two months!”

IMG_7726-0.JPG294/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“and then they said goodbye. and two little girls began the countdown until christmas.”