a new direction

The last 18 months have been brutal to say the least.

Eisley passed away after only 12 short days here on earth.

It’s changed me. I’m a completely different person, good and bad.

Nolean was brought into the family overnight, only to be snatched up in a dishonest flurry within a matter of hours after being established in our family for months.

It’s a different type of loss, but a loss of a child nonetheless.

I’ve changed. 

Irrevocably. Permanently.

My soul is richer and my heart is fuller in brokenness than it ever was without. 

I’ve learned true despair, and it’s made me learn to appreciate true joy. 

– On Coming Alive.

I think this blog will still be used as a way for us to connect and share pictures.

Or maybe it won’t.

We most likely will talk about grief.

About healing.

About depression.

About joy.

About anxiety.

About hope.

Basically, we’ve had life altering reality checks the last 18 months. We’ll probably just talk about life after loss in a real and raw way while sharing our daily joys.





IMG_5916.JPG267/354: marie {bucharest, romania}
“so thanks to a downpour on wednesday, addy got a ten lei umbrella. which meant that mercy got to carry it on a perfectly sunny thursday. ha!”

IMG_5917.JPG267/365: sarah {auburn, california}
“Rain washed skies!”


IMG_5825.JPG266/365: sarah {auburn, california}
“This one was STOKED about her birthday today. Stoked.”

IMG_5915.JPG266/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“he brings the humor into the relationship and makes me smile every day. also i didn’t tell him i was posting this picture, hum hum!”


IMG_5723-0.JPG265/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“sister secrets. need i say more?”

IMG_5721-0.JPG265/365: sarah {auburn, california}
“Auburn is buried in smoke from the Kings fire….there’s supposed to be a whole mountain range around me but you can’t see more than 150 yards or so.”


IMG_5727.JPG264/365: marie {bucharest, romania}
“i can’t help it. i don’t want winter to come. yet i can’t help but buy this “iarnă” {winter} tea.”

IMG_5663.JPG264/365: sarah {roseville, california}
“I was intrigued by the nutritional differences of organic vs regular black strap molasses…also, my dr thinks I’m iron deficient. In my opinion, this is the best way to boost it.”