a new direction

The last 18 months have been brutal to say the least.

Eisley passed away after only 12 short days here on earth.

It’s changed me. I’m a completely different person, good and bad.

Nolean was brought into the family overnight, only to be snatched up in a dishonest flurry within a matter of hours after being established in our family for months.

It’s a different type of loss, but a loss of a child nonetheless.

I’ve changed. 

Irrevocably. Permanently.

My soul is richer and my heart is fuller in brokenness than it ever was without. 

I’ve learned true despair, and it’s made me learn to appreciate true joy. 

– On Coming Alive.

I think this blog will still be used as a way for us to connect and share pictures.

Or maybe it won’t.

We most likely will talk about grief.

About healing.

About depression.

About joy.

About anxiety.

About hope.

Basically, we’ve had life altering reality checks the last 18 months. We’ll probably just talk about life after loss in a real and raw way while sharing our daily joys.




January Fourteenth

“Empty closet. It’s been fun living in my childhood home these past few months.”

{taken at 7:30pm}

“I was a complete failure with anything that had to do with my flight today. Thankfully it was just my flight up to Sacramento…let’s hope I’m back to my normal self by the time I fly alone internationally!”

{taken @ 9:00am PST}

January Thirteenth

Disclaimer: the transition is beginning. Our goal is to post normal photos on Saturday and Sunday and iPhone photos on Monday and then there may be a few days of silence until we get internet and cell phone service. Sarah is traveling with Marie to Moldova for three weeks so neither of us will have internet for a few days. Don’t worry, we will still be taking daily pictures to post once we get settled!

“An overseas granny square blanket that my mom and I are going to make together and assemble when she comes to visit. Joy in the little things!”

{taken at 1:00pm PST}

“Final packing for me tonight…”

{taken @ 8:00pm}