January Eighth

“I’ve had early morning coffee in this place many times before, needing some peace and ‘alone time’. This morning for the first time I noticed my shadow…you’d think I would’ve noticed it before, because it’s pretty obvious. It was a good reminder that I am not alone even when I’m lonely. He {Jesus} is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow…He isn’t going to leave me.”

{taken at 7:30am PST}

“Cousins spending a few silly moments together” ♥
{taken at 8:00pm PST}

January Seventh

“Sometimes even when you are busy and stressed out, you just need to stop and dress up a little pirate princess! ♥

{taken at 8:30am PST iPhone 4s}

“I spent the afternoon in Ventura {visiting the girls, pictured here} and then Shiloh and I needed some quiet time so we sat on the beach for bit at Surfer’s Point and watched the people as the sun went down.”

{taken @ 4:30pm iPhone 4s > I had brought my camera, but had forgotten to bring a memory card! blah.}

January Sixth

“Movie date with my parents. How is this considered a SMALL soda?!”

{taken at 9:00pm PST iPhone 4s}

“I love weekends! I host a small group at my house on Friday nights, tonight was the first night I was actually able to be there :) We turned on these pretty lights and had a bonfire with s’mores, everyone complemented me on my ‘redneck fire making skills’ hah!”

{taken at 9:15pm PST iPhone 4s}

January Third

“Today we said goodbye to my grandma. she is eighty-eight years old and still pretty spunky.”

{taken around 5pm and uploaded around 10pm PST}

“I took more Christmas pictures of the girls tonight, this was one of my favorites out of many! And yes, that is a white Christmas tree in my house…I don’t want to take it down yet.”

{photographed around 7:30pm and posted around 11:15 PST}

January First

Happy New Year!

The older sister is actually visiting the younger sister this week, so we’re having fun trying to figure out this blog together!

{quick conversation between the sisters about 30 minutes ago} 

Marie: “Do you know what today is?”

Sarah: “Of course I do, it’s January 1st”

Marie: “Exactly” 

Sarah: “Whoooooops”

You would think being together means twice the brain power, nope.

Anyways, this blog is mainly for us, but if you are following you can read about the beginning here and you should definitely take a few minutes to read our bio {that Marie wrote} here.

“Starting two thousand and twelve with a sick baby that somehow managed to sleep in bed with me all night long. It’s gonna be a great year!”

“Marie’s husband gave her a fisheye lens for Christmas and so far I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit!”