Week Six

Marie’s theme: crazy


“We went by the old apartment one last time and I took some pictures of the girls. I actually was telling Addy to smile for the camera but this is her new look. Yes, I do think it sums up crazy quite well. However in other crazy news, we moved into a new apartment, unpacked and repacked in less than two weeks. In only hours we are headed to the U.S. of A. See you in California tomorrow!”

{taken on Tuesday, February 12th around 11:15am EET}

Sarah’s theme: Shiloh


“This is obviously Shiloh. Crazy. Chasing something. Whining. Shiloh. We heart her though!”

{taken today….because it’s been a crazy week}

New Themes: TBA

Week Three

Marie’s theme: hands


“Little hands held safely in big hands. Plus a seriously adorable daddy+daughter moment.”

{taken on Friday, January 18th around 2:30pm EET}

Sarah’s Theme: peaceful


“Early morning tea in the glow of my christmas lights = peaceful(ness).”

{taken on Monday, January 21st around 6:00am PST}

Oddly…I didn’t notice until now, that my theme for marie was hands, and I took a picture of my hand yesterday. Also, I knew Marie and I had similar features, but I don’t even recognize my own hand…I see her hands in that picture more than mine!

Next Week’s Theme:

For Marie: free

For Sarah: water

Week Two

Theme: Happy. Happiness.


“It has been three days since Sarah left. I know I will see her in a month but it is still so hard to be the one left behind. So thankful I have these two little faces to make me smile even when I don’t feel like it. They are, in every way, happiness to me.”

{taken on Tuesday, January 15th around 6:30pm EET}


“It was definitely easier coming home to this goof and 4th, 5th, and 6th Christmases are always a plus in the happy department!”

{taken Sunday, January 13th around 3:00pm PST}

Next Week’s Theme:

For Marie: Hands

For Sarah: Peaceful

December Thirty-First


“One year ago, my family and I moved across an ocean to live in a new country. I think this year has held a lot of surprises. A lot of ups. A lot of downs. But over all I think it has been an amazing and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds. We have a lot of plans for 2013.

As Addy would say, {yeah baby!}”

{taken at 2:15pm EET}


“It’s been more than a relief to see how these little girls have changed so much and at the same time they are exactly the same.”

{taken @ 5:30pm PST}

December Twentieth


“Final stack for the year.”

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}


“We did it. We found a REAL tree and got it home, before DohDoh gets here! I love the different reactions. Oldest thinks it’s amazing and can’t stop touching it even though it is prickly. She most likely learned these behaviors from her mother. Youngest is terrible upset about the strange, huge, green THING disrupting her path from kitchen to bedroom. She most likely learned this type of reaction from her father.”

{taken at 3:30pm EET}

December Thirteenth

We have two sister-in-laws. They were both born in December. They are both named Cacey/Casey. Confused yet?

Happy birthday to the one with a C.

We are pretty much blessed to have the most amazing sister-in-laws in the world.

Our best friends.

Does it get any better?

Happy, happy birthday Cacey Nichole. Thank you for making our oldest brother just a little better.

We love you!


“Loooooooook what showed up!”

{taken @ 11:30pm PST}


“We made nativities to go with our advent. Pictures and links on the family blog!”

{taken at 6:15pm EET}