November Twenty-Eighth

Happy 4th Birthday to our baby girl ❤

How is this amazing little person already four years old? You can see a blog post dedicated to her here.

You can see posts from her DohDoh here.


“Biggest Loser Ranch & engagement pictures. It’s been a successful day!”

{taken @ 3:30pm PST}

Today is the princess’ actual day of birth. But basically the entire October to December has been and is a birthday celebration. Today included TWO mugs of hot chocolate, pancakes for breakfast and a hamburger {on a rice cake} from McDonald’s. There’s still more to come!”

{taken at 8:15am EET}

November Twenty-Seventh

“Real men assemble pink kitchens. At 11pm, that is.”

{taken at 11:00pm EET}

“Just to give you a little glimpse of the way my mind works…it always ends with me looking like a nut and wondering how I got so nutty. A) showed up in sandals. B) got cold so I swapped my sandals out for the fiancé’s socks. C) went outside so I had to put sandals on with my socks. D) ended up driving a manual home and realized I the clutch kept slipping on my sandal. E) removed left sandal. F) my sock was obviously slipping too. G) removed left sock. H) walked in the door like this and realized how crazy I look.”

{taken @ 8:45pm PST}

November Eleventh

“Beautiful birthday eve flowers from my amazing husband – – although he did get reprimanded when he tried to buy two yellow, two pink and two red, aka six {symbolizing death not life} so I ended up with three yellows, three pinks AND three yellows, aka nine!”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}


“Soooo….let’s just say a certain someone pranked another certain someone in honor of a another certain someone’s birthday! Haha…the best, I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.”

{taken @ 10:15pm PST}

{ps-a specific someone might try to convince you that it is her birthday today…it is not…even though it is tomorrow today, here today is still today….so it’s not tomorrow until tomorrow. And then it will be that someone’s birthday.}

Just saying…

October Fourth

“We added a new member to the family…Așa {pronounced ah-shah, basically it’s Addy’s favorite catch-all Romanian word}. I think we should get one more so that we can have Așa și Așa. Christian thinks we should let them have babies and name them all Ăsta. If you are completely confused, google translate might shed some light but basically we just have a weird sense of humor ’round here. Addy is more than thrilled with her early birthday gift from Grammie and Pops!”

{taken at 4:00pm EET}

“Speaking of birthdays…tonight I finished this up mini pink and purple sparkly cake bunting for a special little someone’s birthday!”

{taken @ 7:00pm PST}

July Fifth

“Death-by-chocolate. I found this recipe and made my first {metric} baked item for Teresa’s birthday! Glad to say it turned out perfect!”

{taken at 6:15pm EET}

“Some serious therapy cleaning happened today, headache, heartache, a little lonely…but, God is good.”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

ps – These are my little Moldovan jars {Marie has a matching set} that my mama brought home to me.