September Seventh

“Reunified with an old friend. Okay fine,  a new version of an old friend. Either way, two care packages in one day made for a completely amazing day. Christian might be a smidge jealous though!”

{taken at 11:00pm EET}

“Nom nom. Breakfast, pictures and driving…at least I wasn’t speeding. Hopefully ze fuzz don’t catch me!”

{taken @ 8:00am PST}

July Sixth

“My breakfast. Millet + yogurt + frozen raspberries. Oh raspberries!”

{taken at 7:45am EET}

P.S. It has been over five months now, since Sarah was here with us in Moldova. And while some days are easier, some days – – not so much. At dinner tonight, Addy asked me to turn Christmas music on. How could I refuse? Then this song came on and I found myself completely choked up.

“Please excuse my mess! I found it funny that I purposefully dumped this glass in the sink to soak before I emptied out all the water, and when I came back to do so I found my soaking attempt had epically failed. Sad, yet humorous to me.”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}

May Thirtieth

*warning…we’re both posting about food for the 2nd day in a row. hopefully no one is dieting!*

“Good men make their wives special breakfast before leaving on a five day trip. Single ladies, take note – – there are more men like this out there!”

{taken at 7:30am EET}

“It’s hard for me to take the time to eat breakfast in the morning, this weekend I’ve been experimenting with different baked oatmeals. They’re portioned, quick, easy, healthy, full of some serious nutrients…and most importantly they’re pretty!”

{taken @ 6:30am PST}