Week Five

Soooo…we possibly turned into pumpkins last night.

We obviously didn’t post before midnight!

Sarah’s theme: sky


“This is my Northern California sky. I miss it a whole lot sometimes…”

{taken on Saturday, February 2nd around 10:00pm PST}

Marie’s theme: husband


“Pumpkin? Well here is the honest truth – – in the blur of the move, I managed to pack+lose my memory card. Talent, I know. I couldn’t even find it to take a picture of the husband on his 32nd birthday. So here is the second best, the reflection of one sexy fella doing dishes. What could be more handsome than a man doing dishes after a long day?”

{taken on Wednesday, February 6th around 7:45pm EET}

Next Week’s Theme:

For Marie: crazy

For Sarah: Shiloh

Week Three

Marie’s theme: hands


“Little hands held safely in big hands. Plus a seriously adorable daddy+daughter moment.”

{taken on Friday, January 18th around 2:30pm EET}

Sarah’s Theme: peaceful


“Early morning tea in the glow of my christmas lights = peaceful(ness).”

{taken on Monday, January 21st around 6:00am PST}

Oddly…I didn’t notice until now, that my theme for marie was hands, and I took a picture of my hand yesterday. Also, I knew Marie and I had similar features, but I don’t even recognize my own hand…I see her hands in that picture more than mine!

Next Week’s Theme:

For Marie: free

For Sarah: water

December Twenty-Second




Sarah, that is. Marie is trying to pretend like nothing is going on.

Kind of like how a little kid waits for Christmas.



“I married a man that makes me surprise salads. I love this guy.”

{taken at 2:15pm EET}


“Up since 2am PST and in less than 24hrs I’ll be in Chisinau!”

{taken @ 4:30am PST}

December Fourteenth


“Went on a date with the hubs tonight and saw Pomul Vieții. This was my attempt at sneaking a picture. I am obviously not very good at it!”

{taken at 7:30pm EET}


“Clover Christmas is the best. Our staff meeting/gift exchange was followed by an afternoon off work and a dinner party on top of Petit Ermitage in Hollywood!”

{taken at 12:30pm PST}

November Twenty-Seventh

“Real men assemble pink kitchens. At 11pm, that is.”

{taken at 11:00pm EET}

“Just to give you a little glimpse of the way my mind works…it always ends with me looking like a nut and wondering how I got so nutty. A) showed up in sandals. B) got cold so I swapped my sandals out for the fiancé’s socks. C) went outside so I had to put sandals on with my socks. D) ended up driving a manual home and realized I the clutch kept slipping on my sandal. E) removed left sandal. F) my sock was obviously slipping too. G) removed left sock. H) walked in the door like this and realized how crazy I look.”

{taken @ 8:45pm PST}

November Twelfth

Ok ok…today is officially her birthday.

Happy happy birthday sissy-pants…see you in 40-ish days!

“Birthday in Moldova…just another Monday in Newbury Park.”

{taken @ 11:30am PST}

“I am thankful for life – – and a birthday that falls in the middle of the holidays {since if you didn’t know, I kind of love the autumn/winter holidays!} I had a wonderful two days of celebrating, spoiling and enjoying. Aaaannnnddddd, I really love Chișinău at night!”

{taken at 5:45pm EET}

November Eleventh

“Beautiful birthday eve flowers from my amazing husband – – although he did get reprimanded when he tried to buy two yellow, two pink and two red, aka six {symbolizing death not life} so I ended up with three yellows, three pinks AND three yellows, aka nine!”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}


“Soooo….let’s just say a certain someone pranked another certain someone in honor of a another certain someone’s birthday! Haha…the best, I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.”

{taken @ 10:15pm PST}

{ps-a specific someone might try to convince you that it is her birthday today…it is not…even though it is tomorrow today, here today is still today….so it’s not tomorrow until tomorrow. And then it will be that someone’s birthday.}

Just saying…

November Seventh

“And men say women are weird.”

{taken @ 7:30am PST}

“I am so thankful to be married to this handsome fella – – what an amazing dada and husband he is! He plays with his girls, changes diapers and mops the floors – – does it get any better than that?! Oh, he just may bring me home surprises too. I think I could live almost anywhere and be happy with him by my side.”

{taken at 4:45pm EET}