December Third


“Countdown chain complete. Stickers on chain, pictures on wall and window clings thanks to care packages. Snowman and Joy are just a little bit of Christmas thanks to Target that made their way to Moldova last year in our blue tubs. The red stars are from Ikea in Romania.

A true International Christmas!”

{taken at 8:30pm EET}


“Saw this bad boy tonight, brought back many good memories with my sissy-pants!”

19 days & counting

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}

December First

Really? December? {yes, really} Wow. Three weeks from today, Sarah {WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO} begins her trip to Moldova.

How are we in the last month of this year?


11/12ths over.

Crazy? Yes.

{notes in parentheses were added by Sarah. obviously.}  


“Getting ready for an amazing princess birthday party. Mercy did not find dada’s efforts all that funny. More pictures here.”

{taken at 9:00am EET}


“Somewhere between cleaning the garage and the bathroom I got terribly distracted. Yes, you may now be jealous of my front door!”

{taken @ 1:30pm PST}

November Twenty-Sixth

Dear Readers,

{Yes, all 4 of you!}

I {Sarah} came to the realization today that in the midst of working full-time, planning a wedding and trying to keep up with countless tasks I simply will not be able to pull myself together and post our monthly review of photos until I am on vacation and in Moldova.

This is still Twenty-Six days away.

So towards the end of this year, be watching for September, October, November and December’s Monthly Review of Photos.

“Yet another random task of mine, Clover Apparel inventory and organizing.”

{taken @ 5:30pm PST}

“How can you not need a winking snowman mug for Christmas?!”

{taken at 7:45pm EET}

November Twenty-Fifth

“Tonight we decorated the second of three trees – – a white princess one to welcome DohDoh in twenty-eight days!”

{taken at 7:15pm EET}

“My super hero power is my ability to fit anything in my little car. Example: 105 rounds of logs for centerpieces, luggage for 4, two packed tubs for Moldova, Christmas gifts, 3 adults and a dog.”

{taken @ 3:00pm PST}

November Twenty-First

“Thankful for the little things like Ikea Christmas decorations – – missing my family, but thinking about the challenge from my mama to be thankful for the many differences this holiday season!”

{taken at 8:15pm EET}


“It’s been a long few days, but we had an amazing time road tripping with our classy travel size mini martinelli’s! Stay classy SoCal.”

{taken @ 3:30pm PST}

November Seventeenth

“This might seem like a nothing kind of picture but getting on the metro at Piața Victoriei today really hit home.”

{taken at 4:30pm EET}

P.S. You can watch the entire documentary in segments on YouTube although it is really intense.

“Despite a lingering migraine I’m extremely thankful and happy this rainy November morning ♥ Christmas music playing, doors open so that the rain can listen too, french press and lots of lists being made for Thanksgiving pies, packing for up north, packing for Moldova, and yes…my Christmas shopping is almost complete!”

{taken @ 11:30am PST}