December Twelfth

Happy 12.12.12.

Yeah, gotta say today would be a cool day to have a baby or get married.

To bad that’s not gonna happen. :-)


“Eleven months after moving here, I started decorating our bedroom a little. Obviously, before Sarah gets here was my only goal. Those kids at the bottom of the picture? I dunno. I think they came with the apartment, ha!”

{taken at 3:00pm EET}

“French-Press-Friday came just a bit early this week.”

{taken at 7:15am PST}

October Twenty-Fourth

Happy Birthday to the best oldest brother two sisters could ever ask for. We are proud to know you. We are blessed by what you stand for. We pray next year will be awesome for you!

“I don’t know how she is going to be four next month. I swear it was just yesterday that I was climbing stairs in the pouring rain, trying to go into labor. I love this kid more than words can express.”

{taken at 2:45pm EET}

“I always told myself I wouldn’t be ‘that person’ who saves the coffee they couldn’t finish. Well, all I can say is I started doing a little happy dance at 5:00am this morning after finding I had no coffee bean left but I did have a little Christmas happiness waiting for me!”

{taken @ 5:00am PST}

August Sixth

“More pickle making today. :-) Although today, Christian was gone and Mercy took the shortest nap in history so twenty-four jars of pickles later, let’s just say I am exhausted!”

{taken at 1:45pm EET}

“I had the best weekend in a long time…so I had to start my Monday morning off with a happy little cup of coffee!”

{taken @ 6:30am PST}