March Twenty-First

“I bought these ‘black’ beans at the market and when I opened them today, I discovered all of ten actual black beans. Then I cooked them and low and behold they became a (big) light brown bean. Let’s just say we had Mexican beans and rice instead of Brazilian black beans tonight!”

{taken at 3:oopm EET}

20120321-212331.jpg“Sweet Monterey was born early this morning! And she loves the blankie I made her!”

{taken @ 7:30pm PST}

January Thirteenth

Disclaimer: the transition is beginning. Our goal is to post normal photos on Saturday and Sunday and iPhone photos on Monday and then there may be a few days of silence until we get internet and cell phone service. Sarah is traveling with Marie to Moldova for three weeks so neither of us will have internet for a few days. Don’t worry, we will still be taking daily pictures to post once we get settled!

“An overseas granny square blanket that my mom and I are going to make together and assemble when she comes to visit. Joy in the little things!”

{taken at 1:00pm PST}

“Final packing for me tonight…”

{taken @ 8:00pm}