August Sixth

“More pickle making today. :-) Although today, Christian was gone and Mercy took the shortest nap in history so twenty-four jars of pickles later, let’s just say I am exhausted!”

{taken at 1:45pm EET}

“I had the best weekend in a long time…so I had to start my Monday morning off with a happy little cup of coffee!”

{taken @ 6:30am PST}

August Fourth

“So much in a jar…hot peppers, garlic, dill, mustard seed, peppercorns…oh and a few cucumbers too! I might actually be looking forward to winter. Okay that might be pushing it!”

{taken at 9:00pm EET}

“I never mentioned, but look what my amazing family bought me for my birthday! Isn’t she beautiful? She needs a name too…”

{taken @ 1:30pm PST}