December Twentieth


“Final stack for the year.”

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}


“We did it. We found a REAL tree and got it home, before DohDoh gets here! I love the different reactions. Oldest thinks it’s amazing and can’t stop touching it even though it is prickly. She most likely learned these behaviors from her mother. Youngest is terrible upset about the strange, huge, green THING disrupting her path from kitchen to bedroom. She most likely learned this type of reaction from her father.”

{taken at 3:30pm EET}

December Seventeenth


“World, meet Leica. Leica, meet world.”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}

Christmas Gift c/o Clover.


“I didn’t actually go outside today so this is what you get. I will say that I believe it snowed from Sunday afternoon to this evening without stopping…hence the disappearing bench. DohDoh better get her soon so we can get snowed in together! More snow pictures tomorrow, I promise.”

{taken at 4:15pm EET – yes it was already that dark!}

November Twenty-Fifth

“Tonight we decorated the second of three trees – – a white princess one to welcome DohDoh in twenty-eight days!”

{taken at 7:15pm EET}

“My super hero power is my ability to fit anything in my little car. Example: 105 rounds of logs for centerpieces, luggage for 4, two packed tubs for Moldova, Christmas gifts, 3 adults and a dog.”

{taken @ 3:00pm PST}

September Twenty-Second

“A little person laid on the sofa for about thirty minutes tonight, skyping with her Dohdoh. Mainly they looked at wedding magazines together and planned the wedding. Best question of the night, hands down: Dohdoh, I have a good idea. Maybe you and I can just share the princess ring that your honey gave you?”

{taken at 8:15pm EET}

“Showed up to a certain hardware store today and stole paint swatches…you know, to help me visualize wedding colors better!”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

July Thirty-First

“Okay, I know this is stretching the rules just a little, but let’s face the facts.

1. It is July 31st and we haven’t missed a post.

2. I did technically take this picture.

3. I miss this face.

Taking all that into consideration, I am using this for my picture today – – yes this is a skype screen shot photo of goofy cuteness + cool lighting!”

{taken at 6:30pm EET}

“Well, if you must know. These are my ‘power pants’. Yep, floral power pants. That’s why my face is so awesome in Marie’s picture…because I am wearing awesome pants. Also, have you ever tried getting a good picture of your *pants* without making it just…weird? It was a challenge, I ended up snapping this at a red light. Yes mama, full and complete stop.”
{taken @ 1:30pm PST}