December Twenty-First

When you wake up {if you live in California} Sarah will be on her way here. She lives for the airport at 12pm on Saturday EET or 2am on Saturday PST. She flies through Newark and Istanbul before getting to Chisinau around 9pm on Sunday EET/11am on Sunday PST.

We aren’t excited.

Not at all.

We would appreciate your prayers. Mostly for Sarah but I guess for Marie’s patience too.

For Sarah, pray for non-delayed flights, successful connections, baggage arriving and of course keeping a clear mind in the midst of sleep deprived international travel.

Thank you.

See you on the other side!


“A few years ago {2007? 2008?} my mama and I discovered Hallmark’s release of Christmas ornaments during the summer AND fall. We became like kids in a candy shop. I discovered these doors on year two of four. My mama got them for me each year, including the year we missed {using her Ebay skills, I believe}! These are doors of the world and I knew they would come with me to Moldova, without a doubt.”

{taken at 7:15pm EET}


“I’m also known as the ‘best fiancé on earth.’ Not everyone is as cool as me.”

{taken @ 5:00pm PST