October Eighteenth

“Sigh. I didn’t know it was possible for three weeks to go even faster than the two weeks Grammie and Pops were here {and here and here} in May. But somehow they managed to blur by. I love this last picture and how their arms make a perfect rainbow. I love that these kids spent three weeks playing, giggling and fighting like normal. I love that I had my mom and sis-in-law and we were just girlfriends again. Being left behind has got to be one of the hardest parts of missionary life but I wouldn’t trade these precious visits for anything.”

{taken at 9:15am EET}

“Babes is here visiting me…I miss all my sisters!”

{taken @ 8:30pm PST}

October Fifteenth

“Sleep hasn’t been the best lately, I decided that I’m going to start getting up when I can’t go back to sleep…this was the 5th massive bug I found between 3:00am and 6:45am. If you know me, you know I absolutely detest bugs. I think the big bugs come out at night, how gross is that?!”

{taken @ 6:45am PST}

“Took these ragamuffins to the zoo today and ended with Andy’s Pizza and a play place. Now do you understand why we fall into bed completely exhausted every night?!”

{taken at 4:00pm EET}

September Twenty-Ninth

“Set up a little studio in my house today and finally got some pictures of these two beauties. I love this picture so much, especially Rey-Rey’s little lips.”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

“Grammie, Spencer and Emma are here. We are all alive {I think} although somewhat sleep deprived. Okay really sleep deprived! Pops had to stay home to ‘make the monies’ this time but he still sent very special gifts for his girls!”

{taken at 7:00pm EET}

April Eighth

“Happiness is having your plant take over the kitchen because the sun has been out so much lately!”

{taken at 9:20am EET}

Um…where is Sarah’s picture?


Let’s just say Sarah was traveling this weekend (NorCal for Easter) and her phone decided to have a little swim in a mug of coffee. {Details are still a little fuzzy.} Now she is currently making the NorCal to SoCal drive and isn’t able to upload her picture before midnight. Don’t worry. She took a picture and it will be arriving within the next twenty-four hours, promise!

{edit: my phone went wading, not swimming…just enough to kill the screen backlight, so the phone worked fine I just couldn’t see a thing! It’s all straightened out today and I have a new phone, I’m alive and back down South and here is my picture!}

“This little lady’s 3rd birthday is next week, check out that attitude!”

{taken @ 10:00am PST}