September Third

September is a crazy month so far. August ends with my parents anniversary on the twenty-ninth {37 years!} starts with Marie’s anniversary on the first {5 years!} moves on to our brother’s anniversary on the third {1 year!} and somewhere in there Labor Day is celebrated in the U.S.A. while Ziua de Limba Noastră is celebrated in Moldova. Whew! It is the 4th and we are already tired.


“This is the second Christmas item I’ve spotted two days in a row! Time to put up my Christmas tree I think!!”

{taken @ 7:30pm PST}

“Almost forgot to take a picture of my anniversary flowers. He picks out good flowers, doesn’t he?”

{taken at 7:00pm EET}

July Thirty-First

“Okay, I know this is stretching the rules just a little, but let’s face the facts.

1. It is July 31st and we haven’t missed a post.

2. I did technically take this picture.

3. I miss this face.

Taking all that into consideration, I am using this for my picture today – – yes this is a skype screen shot photo of goofy cuteness + cool lighting!”

{taken at 6:30pm EET}

“Well, if you must know. These are my ‘power pants’. Yep, floral power pants. That’s why my face is so awesome in Marie’s picture…because I am wearing awesome pants. Also, have you ever tried getting a good picture of your *pants* without making it just…weird? It was a challenge, I ended up snapping this at a red light. Yes mama, full and complete stop.”
{taken @ 1:30pm PST}

June Twenty-Seventh

“I can’t claim ‘green thumb’ status but I am growing a few plants and flowers successfully. This plant intrigues me. The flower on the right has a thick stem and is doing well but the one of the left has a funky little stem and now the flower is dying. Hmmmm.”

{taken at 8:00am EET}


“I was told that it was a birthday cake success!”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}

June Twentieth

“Photo failure again. We went to our small group tonight and had a blast. Addy and Mercy went swimming in their panties {okay fine, Mercy wears a diaper}. I took zero pictures. I’m gonna blame the 95 degree weather, the high humidity and then hour long bus ride.”

{taken at 10:30pm EET}

“Not only do I have friends at work, but I have a friend at work that leaves me flowers.”

{taken @ 3:30pm PST}

June Seventh

Happy Birthday Bethany Sarah Bell Klein
♥ aka Doodle ♥
♥ aka DohDoh ♥
♥ aka Sister and Best Friend ♥
It’s been a crazy year, huh?

I am sorry I can’t be there on your birthday but I know some pretty special people are taking care of you. I really miss you and can’t wait to see you in December. Christmas in Moldova 2012, baby!

“I was trying to think of the perfect picture to take for Sarah’s birthday today but everything made me want to cry. Blah. Then I saw this card hanging on my wall. This was the Valentine’s Day card Sarah left for me before she went back to California. I still chuckle when I read it.”

{taken at 10:30pm EET}

“Birthday flowers from work!”

{taken @ 9:00am PST}

Compared to other years, this last one has been pretty defining with lots of changes and no direction except to be still and listen for Him. God is good and continues to be faithful!