December First

Really? December? {yes, really} Wow. Three weeks from today, Sarah {WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO} begins her trip to Moldova.

How are we in the last month of this year?


11/12ths over.

Crazy? Yes.

{notes in parentheses were added by Sarah. obviously.}  


“Getting ready for an amazing princess birthday party. Mercy did not find dada’s efforts all that funny. More pictures here.”

{taken at 9:00am EET}


“Somewhere between cleaning the garage and the bathroom I got terribly distracted. Yes, you may now be jealous of my front door!”

{taken @ 1:30pm PST}

November Twelfth

Ok ok…today is officially her birthday.

Happy happy birthday sissy-pants…see you in 40-ish days!

“Birthday in Moldova…just another Monday in Newbury Park.”

{taken @ 11:30am PST}

“I am thankful for life – – and a birthday that falls in the middle of the holidays {since if you didn’t know, I kind of love the autumn/winter holidays!} I had a wonderful two days of celebrating, spoiling and enjoying. Aaaannnnddddd, I really love Chișinău at night!”

{taken at 5:45pm EET}

October Twenty-Eighth

Today’s interruption post is dedicated to the brother that is between us. 

He’s quite a character, not easily summed up in a few words.

“Over the line” usually captures his personality/character pretty well.

For the most part he can only be explained by highlighting a few of his better phases in life…

Dad made a large outdoor fenced cage for him when he was 2 years old…padlock and all.

{he still managed to scale the 5 foot fence or dig under…we’re still not sure how it happened…}

He taught his younger siblings how to ride goats…that we were definitely not allowed to ride…

When he said recess was his favorite subject…he wasn’t joking.

He was convinced his legs were hollow and if he ate enough he would fill them up…

He allllmost had mom convinced that his dinner stomach was smaller than his dessert stomach…

He convinced me that if I dug under the back porch we would find gold, strike it rich and I would never have to finish 2nd grade or work a day in my life.

{I dug for 3 weeks and never found gold.}

He convinced me if I dug straight down I would get to China and we could go to China whenever we didn’t want to do school.

{I dug 30 minutes and gave up after realizing China could take weeks…life is short.}

His older sister told him it was dumb to sit on all the pillows in the house just so his head could touch the ceiling…she should have thought twice, he was 5 years younger, taller, and he broke her arm for trying to tattle on him.

He locked me under the house…more than once.

He permed his hair at 14…sooo sooo bad.

“Nobody’s allowed to touch Klein’s sister”

{high school was greeeeeat with him}

Years later, took the above mentioned and previously broken arm, and gave it a 2nd degree burn on a wood stove because “she was tickling him”.

His birthday is 4 days after his older brother’s birthday…consequently this is a sore subject because our older brother no longer has a “birthday week”.

Loves copying his older brother in every way…this includes finding a wife with the same name as his older brother’s wife.

Got married…and became obnoxiously mature more aware of his lack of…logic.

He loves the Raiders, but is afraid to admit it because “happy wife is a happy life”.

Is obnoxiously tall…

Is obnoxiously obnoxious.

Yet, we wouldn’t change anything about him.

Happy Birthday Andrew!

“This is the clock I bought my sister…this is what time I wanted to go to bed.”

{taken @ 7:55pm PST}

“The busy mama’s version of pumpkin carving – – draw faces with permanent marker and let the children color the faces in. Less work, less mess and the pumpkin {which already has a shorter life span here} stays fresh for longer.”

{taken at 7:30pm EET}

P.S. The above post was written mostly by Sarah – – I have to admit I giggled a few times while reading it. If you hadn’t figured out our birth order, Aaron is three years older than me and Andrew is two years older than Sarah. I had no idea Andrew pulled the same big brother tricks, errrr love that Aaron bestowed upon me. Gotta love those older brothers! ~M

October Twenty-Fourth

Happy Birthday to the best oldest brother two sisters could ever ask for. We are proud to know you. We are blessed by what you stand for. We pray next year will be awesome for you!

“I don’t know how she is going to be four next month. I swear it was just yesterday that I was climbing stairs in the pouring rain, trying to go into labor. I love this kid more than words can express.”

{taken at 2:45pm EET}

“I always told myself I wouldn’t be ‘that person’ who saves the coffee they couldn’t finish. Well, all I can say is I started doing a little happy dance at 5:00am this morning after finding I had no coffee bean left but I did have a little Christmas happiness waiting for me!”

{taken @ 5:00am PST}