February Eleventh

20120211-201826.jpg“Addy and Mercy’s first Romanian language book…complete with four pages of fruits, four pages of veggies…oh and of course four pages of mushrooms!”
{taken at 8:00pm CET}

“I ended up with this picture tonight {was planning on a different picture, but I didn’t bring my camera home…oh well!} This is where I stayed all morning anyways, I haven’t been feeling the greatest and I love my bed. I didn’t stay here all day though,  I also cleaned the house and chatted with Marie!”

{taken @ 8:30pm PST}

February Sixth

“I am so thankful for these two during this bittersweet time.”{taken at 7:30pm CET}


“Purposing to be thankful about coming home…I’m thankful for the new appliances that I came home to early this morning! This is my new fridge, I’ve named him Steel.”

{taken @ 7:00pm PST}

February Second

“This is the only thing I can truly love about the cold…I didn’t even go outside today. The warmest it got 0* F!”

{taken @ 10:00am CET at -7* F}

“Mercy has a new best friend. Don’t be deceived…he may be bigger than her but he is actually three months younger!”

{taken at 12:30pm CET}