November Nineteenth

“Almond butter, blueberry jam and rice cake picnic alone on my kitchen floor. Sometimes it just happens. Don’t mind my dirty floors!”

{taken @ 8:00pm PST}

“So, so thankful for a week spent in Bucharest with new and old friends. Don’t mind the face, I’m pretty sure she loves him and just doesn’t realize it yet, ha! We can’t wait to come for another visit!”

{taken at 2:30pm EET}

August Seventh

Note, if you already saw this blog post, I first said this:

“And no, these pictures aren’t a coincidence!” <– Lesson, don’t post at 11pm.

Then, in the morning I noticed it and changed it to:

“And no, these pictures ARE a coincidence!” <– What does that mean?! Don’t edit posts before coffee also.

So what I have been trying to say for the past 24 hours but somehow haven’t been able to…

Is that YES these pictures were purely, completely a coincidence.

For the record, I am going to stick more to taking the pictures and less to talking about the pictures.

By the time you are reading this strange edit, happy Wednesday friends!

“Someone stayed up waaaaaaay too late last night playing with snail mail, stickers and super cool stamps!”

{taken @ 6:30am PST}

“Happy mail makes every day a little better!”

{taken at 3:30pm EET}