December Thirty-First


“One year ago, my family and I moved across an ocean to live in a new country. I think this year has held a lot of surprises. A lot of ups. A lot of downs. But over all I think it has been an amazing and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds. We have a lot of plans for 2013.

As Addy would say, {yeah baby!}”

{taken at 2:15pm EET}


“It’s been more than a relief to see how these little girls have changed so much and at the same time they are exactly the same.”

{taken @ 5:30pm PST}

July Fifth

“Death-by-chocolate. I found this recipe and made my first {metric} baked item for Teresa’s birthday! Glad to say it turned out perfect!”

{taken at 6:15pm EET}

“Some serious therapy cleaning happened today, headache, heartache, a little lonely…but, God is good.”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

ps – These are my little Moldovan jars {Marie has a matching set} that my mama brought home to me. 

April Twenty-Eighth

“The night I met my husband, I learned that he hated bananas, greatly disliked cotton candy and loved nachos. We’ve been here three months and I finally found enough ingredients to make him nachos. Success.”

{taken at 6:00pm EET}

“My garden is taking off and I’m super excited to start eating home grown green beans again!”

{taken @ 4:00pm PST}

February Third

“She has on tights, long underwear, jeans, wool socks, long sleeve onesie, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, gloves, scarf and beanie! Oh and that’s a pacifier under her scarf.”

{taken at 11:00am CET}

“My last full day here was spent running errands {walking in freezing snow, taking buses and hoping they were taking us where we thought they were…} and naturally finding one of the only “American” like coffee shop in the city. Missing my family already!”

{taken @10:30am CET}

February Second

“This is the only thing I can truly love about the cold…I didn’t even go outside today. The warmest it got 0* F!”

{taken @ 10:00am CET at -7* F}

“Mercy has a new best friend. Don’t be deceived…he may be bigger than her but he is actually three months younger!”

{taken at 12:30pm CET}

February First

Happy February First!

Hopefully this month will be a little less stressful.

Marie and her family are settling into their new apartment in Chisinau, and Sarah is heading to Odessa on Saturday and back to California on Sunday.

This month we are hoping to have a bit more fun in challenging each other. (we don’t know how exactly, but we’re putting our thinking caps on!)

And just to note, we actually had a conversation last night about what we would do if we happened to take the same or similar picture. We thought that would actually be kind of fun, but then today…we took the same picture. (Different objects, same subject. If that makes sense?)

“Because it’s never to early to start your Christmas matroyshka doll collection!”

{taken @ 9:00pm CET}

“I couldn’t buy them all unfortunately, but I am bringing these ones home!”

{taken @ 10:00am CET}