November Twenty-Sixth

Dear Readers,

{Yes, all 4 of you!}

I {Sarah} came to the realization today that in the midst of working full-time, planning a wedding and trying to keep up with countless tasks I simply will not be able to pull myself together and post our monthly review of photos until I am on vacation and in Moldova.

This is still Twenty-Six days away.

So towards the end of this year, be watching for September, October, November and December’s Monthly Review of Photos.

“Yet another random task of mine, Clover Apparel inventory and organizing.”

{taken @ 5:30pm PST}

“How can you not need a winking snowman mug for Christmas?!”

{taken at 7:45pm EET}

April Fourth

“Okay so this is actually my mug cozy that Sarah made me, but I kind of like to see it all day long so I keep it on my utensil jar. I like to look at it when I am cooking dinner or doing the dishes.”

{taken at 5:45pm EET}

“Bought ric rac in as many colors as possible today! Marie would be proud.”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}