April Sixth

“Three things I know to be true: Don’t drink and drive. Don’t sew sleep deprived. And birds should not hang upside down.”

{taken at 2:00pm EET after being up more than half the night with children}

“After living in Southern California for over 3 years I am much more appreciative of the trees up in Northern California!”

{taken @ 7:30pm PST}

February Ninteenth

“I have discovered that Saturday evening to Sunday morning is the hardest for me. I find myself missing SoCal lazy Sunday afternoons and NorCal Sunday Chinese food. This is my little study area where I find myself a lot during the weekend when I need to stay busy.”
{taken at 9:45am CET}

20120219-215215.jpg“Going through boxes today, the button thief decided to return my buttons!”

{taken at 4:30pm PST}

January Fourteenth

“Empty closet. It’s been fun living in my childhood home these past few months.”

{taken at 7:30pm}

“I was a complete failure with anything that had to do with my flight today. Thankfully it was just my flight up to Sacramento…let’s hope I’m back to my normal self by the time I fly alone internationally!”

{taken @ 9:00am PST}