Week Five

Soooo…we possibly turned into pumpkins last night.

We obviously didn’t post before midnight!

Sarah’s theme: sky


“This is my Northern California sky. I miss it a whole lot sometimes…”

{taken on Saturday, February 2nd around 10:00pm PST}

Marie’s theme: husband


“Pumpkin? Well here is the honest truth – – in the blur of the move, I managed to pack+lose my memory card. Talent, I know. I couldn’t even find it to take a picture of the husband on his 32nd birthday. So here is the second best, the reflection of one sexy fella doing dishes. What could be more handsome than a man doing dishes after a long day?”

{taken on Wednesday, February 6th around 7:45pm EET}

Next Week’s Theme:

For Marie: crazy

For Sarah: Shiloh