September Twenty-Ninth

“Set up a little studio in my house today and finally got some pictures of these two beauties. I love this picture so much, especially Rey-Rey’s little lips.”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

“Grammie, Spencer and Emma are here. We are all alive {I think} although somewhat sleep deprived. Okay really sleep deprived! Pops had to stay home to ‘make the monies’ this time but he still sent very special gifts for his girls!”

{taken at 7:00pm EET}

May Twenty-Sixth

“Shiloh is pretty terrible at catching a frisbee, but she is learning!”

{taken @ 7:15pm PST}

“Today made it into the record of hardest days – – but I wouldn’t have changed anything. The past two weeks have been wonderful. I am so thankful for the time I spent with my parents and I am especially thankful that my babies were able to reconnect with their grammie and pops.”

{taken at 11:50am EET}

May Twenty-Fifth

“This bad boy is getting replaced this weekend, I’m stoke and it’s a little bittersweet. Stoked, because no more precious mail will get stolen. Bittersweet, because instead of being greeted by family at 5:20pm I look for mail from them. Silly, I know but that’s how I cope. Also…hello pretty sun flare!”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}

“Perfect ending to an amazing two weeks.”

{taken at 11:45am EET}

May Seventeenth

“Coconut Oil: purchased November 2011 for $8. Used as face wash/moisturizer and full body moisturizer. I haven’t bought face wash, face lotion, or body lotion in months. Works better than expensive products and obviously saves you money.”

{taken @ 6:15am PST}

“We are exploring Chisinau with Grammie and Pops and went to the Botanical Gardens today. Pops, Addy and I made friends with this little guy!”

{taken at 1:00pm EET}