November Twenty-Fifth

“Tonight we decorated the second of three trees – – a white princess one to welcome DohDoh in twenty-eight days!”

{taken at 7:15pm EET}

“My super hero power is my ability to fit anything in my little car. Example: 105 rounds of logs for centerpieces, luggage for 4, two packed tubs for Moldova, Christmas gifts, 3 adults and a dog.”

{taken @ 3:00pm PST}

August Eighth

“Happy girl with princess crayons from Grandma Ducky. And please, note the two pieces of rice {left over from dinner} in this picture, because I just noticed them! Oh and a little bit of a black smelly marker.”

{taken at 6:00pm EET}

“Because every office is equipped with the world’s hottest pepper.”

{taken @ 12:20pm PST}

January Seventh

“Sometimes even when you are busy and stressed out, you just need to stop and dress up a little pirate princess! ♥

{taken at 8:30am PST iPhone 4s}

“I spent the afternoon in Ventura {visiting the girls, pictured here} and then Shiloh and I needed some quiet time so we sat on the beach for bit at Surfer’s Point and watched the people as the sun went down.”

{taken @ 4:30pm iPhone 4s > I had brought my camera, but had forgotten to bring a memory card! blah.}