July Sixth

“My breakfast. Millet + yogurt + frozen raspberries. Oh raspberries!”

{taken at 7:45am EET}

P.S. It has been over five months now, since Sarah was here with us in Moldova. And while some days are easier, some days – – not so much. At dinner tonight, Addy asked me to turn Christmas music on. How could I refuse? Then this song came on and I found myself completely choked up.

“Please excuse my mess! I found it funny that I purposefully dumped this glass in the sink to soak before I emptied out all the water, and when I came back to do so I found my soaking attempt had epically failed. Sad, yet humorous to me.”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}

June Thirtieth

“Four kilos of raspberries purchased at night, washed, dried and currently being frozen for the winter! They came out to be about $1/lb!”

{taken at 11:00pm EET}

“I had a completely different picture for today, but I kept coming back to this one. Something about the light, movement, dirty windshield and overall “crapiness” catches my eye!”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

{ps-this is the tunnel going through Santa Monica onto the PCH}