December Twenty-Second




Sarah, that is. Marie is trying to pretend like nothing is going on.

Kind of like how a little kid waits for Christmas.



“I married a man that makes me surprise salads. I love this guy.”

{taken at 2:15pm EET}


“Up since 2am PST and in less than 24hrs I’ll be in Chisinau!”

{taken @ 4:30am PST}

July Twenty-First

“One thing I have noticed since moving overseas is that I am more susceptible to germs. I guess it is a combination of exhaustion, stress and new germs. Go figure, the kids gave me their germs and now I am fighting off chest congestion, sinus pressure and a wicked case of laryngitis. I made myself a health and wellness salad, or what I’m gonna call my better than antibiotics salad. Yay for beets, garlic, onion, ginger, green tea, basil and walnuts. I am on a mission to boost my immune system back to the way it was before I had kids!

{taken at 12:15pm EET}

“I hate not sleeping in on Saturdays. It makes me preeeeettty cranky. But today I was up at 4:45am to be out in Palmdale to volunteer with NGC who was hosting an event for USO. We packed 5,000 care packages to send over seas to men & women who are serving our country! So, despite my lack of sleep, it was a pretty good day!”

{taken @11:00am PST}